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Sports Simulators Orlando

It’s Go Time

Your sports fantasies are about to come to life. The thrill of the game starts in our state-of-the-art Sports Simulator Suites, designed for up to six players and with in-house Club Pros on hand to help guide you through 13 sports and games. Play like a professional in lifelike simulations of football, soccer, baseball, and even zombie dodgeball — and stay fueled for the adventure with dedicated service, epic cocktails, and our chef-driven menu of game-day faves.

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Play like a pro, and let the games begin. Group pricing and discounts for extended play are available.

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Golf Courses

Trusted and endorsed by the pros to practice all aspects of the sport on the best courses in the world. Choose from 48 different courses, practice your putting, or head to the driving range.

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Developed with legendary NFL QB Drew Brees, challenge your friends to see who can drive your team downfield, win a QB accuracy competition, or kick the winning field goal.

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See how your game stacks up. Shoot from all over the court, drive the lane, and go for three on world-famous — and high-tech — court simulations.

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Take the mound, turn on the boost, and try to strike out our virtual batters — or go to bat yourself and experience the pure exhilaration of a home run.

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The thrill of the ice is real. Try to beat our virtual goalie, snip at some targets, or see how fast your slap shot is.

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Step up for a penalty kick against our virtual goalie. See if you can score on a set piece or work on your accuracy with targets on the net.

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If you can’t play nice, play lacrosse. Test your shot accuracy by trying to hit the shifting targets.

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Knock down milk bottles, pop balloons, and break plates on the midway — and see if you can make it to the bonus round to dunk the clown.

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Get that competitive spirit going and refine your skills across a variety of head-to-head games.

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Cheerio, mate. Step up to bowl at our virtual batsman and try to take the wicket.

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See if you make the conversion by splitting the uprights from a variety of spots around the pitch.

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Zombie Dodgeball

Take aim with your dodgeball and stay safe from zombies in the graveyard, on the farm, or at the amusement park.

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